Ring Sizing

Want to order a ring, but unsure of your sizing? Read below!

Please note that ring sizing is your responsibility - If you get it wrong, I cannot offer a refund or return, sorry!

Please note, that it is incredibly important to get this as accurate as possible, as ring sizes are very particular with measurements. I work with the alphabetical sizing, however if you provide me with numbered sizing, that's fine too!

There are two methods of finding your ring size:

  • Find a ring that already fits you on the intended finger. Measure the INSIDE diameter (the widest part) of the ring - this needs to be in millimetres, as accurate as possible. Make sure it's the inside diameter! I can't stress this enough! Then, you can take that diameter and align it with a size on a ring conversion chart. I find this one from Kim Victoria Jewels is the most helpful.

  • Don't have a ring that fits? Get a piece of string, wrap is around your finger so that it's the intended fit, make sure you can comfortably slip it on and off your finger! Mark the string/cut it in the exact place where it fits. Now, measure this length of string as accurately as you can. Again, you can match this to the ring conversion chart here, or just directly send me the circumference length (what you just measured!), and I'll make it from that.

Any more questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!